The Dune Eco Hotel

From the heart of Pondicherry we headed south about 15km. to the Dune Eco Hotel. Located right on the Bay of Bengal, on the Coramandel coast of Tamil Nadu, it's a fabulous cluster of individual themed hotel rooms built by a Frenchman in the early 2000s on 30 acres of land. There was a tsunami here in 2004 that flattened and destroyed all of it, so it has since been rebuilt. Epod travel agent found this place while surfing on the web. Each of the rooms is unique and comes with its own one speed bicycles for cruising around the property looking for fun art installations.

Here's one of them just by the beach. It's a beautiful steel gateway that leads you down a path to the beachfront. There you can wander for quite a while watching the fishermen and women haul in their nets and pull out all the little fish.


And here just inside the property was a row of antique beds and mattresses for our siesta enjoyment.


Here was a wonderful doorway just for doorway's sake, not connected to anything but the sky and ground...

collecting trash

It has its own Ayurvedic spa, organic farm and its own 7 year old camel named Tahr.

PC in Tuk Tukdune

We stayed in the Artist's Studio, which came with its own swimming pool, which we used daily. Check out the cool TV and DVD player suspended above the bed. What a fun way to watch movies!

Early morning dips were the best!
It had a fantastic carved front door with a huge key that came from a merchant house from South Tamil Nadu.
Their F.U.N. Restaurant (Food U Need) served delicious fusion food and as we were eating, we were often visited by the house duck or one of the 4 local dogs that live there.

There were many guests from lots of different countries. We made friends with an Israeli couple named Gadi and Imball, some Swedish film teachers, and a few Frenchies as well.

Epod gets her favorite meal of whole grains and raw "safe to eat" veggies. Yum...


Here's a terrine made of cauliflower, carrots and spinach. Deeeelicious!

Dune hotel
And their prawns cooked in cognac and orange juice were huge and flavorful...
Here's the entry to the Ayurveda spa. They offered over 50 treatments - 25 external treatments, and 25 internal treatments, and had an Ayurvedic doctor on staff.
This mandala of flowers floating in water was in a large open pot in the spa (note to self - try this at home)...
How about a 2 hour warm oil massage, where the oil drips on your forehead sending you to realms of Nirvana - the easy way. Called Shiradhara, and offered on this table. This included being massaged by two women with perfectyl synchronized movements...
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