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Hard Light's Adivasi School and Water Pump Projects

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This entry was posted on 3/8/2008 8:34 PM and is filed under India.

Hard Light has a nonprofit branch called Third Millenium Awakening and has “adopted” a residential school for Katkari children run by the Sai Prasad Adivasi Seva Mandal Vasind in Ganeshpuri.  Katkari is one of the major Adivasi tribal groups in this area.  TMA provides money to help pay for food for the children of this school. For only $11, one child can be fed for one month.   Many of the Hard Light group went to this school to visit the children.

To read more about TMA, please go to and find out how you can be part of helping these kids get the education that they deserve.

Here are a few movies from the day the group went to the school to see what was going on...

Hard Light and TMA have also started a project to provide water filters to all of the neighboring communities of Ganeshpuri. 

In Thane District (location of Ganeshpuri) many villages, particularly those in the remote rural and tribal areas, don’t have adequate access to drinking water. Medical personnel interviewed by TMA confirmed the existence of many waterborne diseases in the area. In fact, the local doctor in Ganeshpuri said that every single person who comes to him has worms, and the major source of worms is the water supply.

TMA has implemented a project to manufacture bio-sand water filters in Ganeshpuri. The bio-sand filter is relatively inexpensive to make, costs nothing to operate, takes little maintenance and, most important, is highly effective at eliminating water impurities. Regular use of a filter greatly reduces the risk of waterborne illness.

Local residents were hired to make the filters, install them in homes, and provide on-going maintenance. An educational program on the value of pure drinking water and the use of sanitary habits is held in conjunction with the filter project.

And the best part—the filters costs only $25 to $30 to manufacture and install and provide pure water indefinitely.
Here are the filters being made...

Sunil shows the group how the bio-sand filters work.  Simple yet so effective...

And here's a little movie - we are visiting a family who has a filter in use in their kitchen.  Having it easy for the families to use like this in their own homes makes sure it will be used...

Inspired to make a contribution to the school or water filter program?  Click this link to make a donation to TMA now: Donate To TMASeva Now

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