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The Girls We Met on Baba's Birthday

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This entry was posted on 2/26/2008 5:59 AM and is filed under India.

On Meher Baba's birthday we were walking to the Cyber Café when we ran into a group of 8 young girls.  They each greeted us by saying "Jai Baba", then asked us our names and we asked them theirs.  We took their photos and then they wanted us to take photos of them in almost every combination possible.  One at a time, then 2 at a time, then little groups of 3 or 4.  Then we gave them our camera and asked them to take photos of us together, which was really fun.

We said goodbye at the railroad tracks and we crossed over with them still waving at us.  On the other side of the tracks just happened to be an ice cream cart so we called over to the girls to come to our side.  They did and we walked with them to the ice cream truck and offered them each an ice cream bar.   They politely said "No", but then we insisted and they gave in.  By now a little group of other kids had formed at the stand and soon we were buying ice cream for all of them.  19 bars later, we had a very happy group of kids.  They shook our hands and said Thank You and we felt our hearts being so full.  Each of the ice creams cost 10 rupees, about 25 cents each.  What joy those kids experienced from this little treat.  And what joy we experienced from being able to do this little act of kindess.  It was a highlight of our day and our whole trip so far.

Here's the photo they took of us.  Samadhi is a state of enlightenment.  It also means Meher Baba's Tomb.  We like the way it is pointing up – that's where we want to go.  To that state of enlightenment.


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