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A Visit to Meherazad – Meher Baba's Home

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This entry was posted on 2/26/2008 5:14 AM and is filed under India.

We joined two bus loads of Meher Baba pilgrims that were going to visit Meherazad, the home of Meher Baba.  It was about a 1/2 hour bus ride from where we were staying.

Meherazad is a lovely compound where Meher Baba lived with his devoted Mandali (inner circle of devotees).  There are still 3 women from the original mandali living there and two of them were there to greet us and give us blessings.  They were Katy and Mehru.  The 3rd woman, Arnavaz (89 years old) was ill and not seeing visitors today.  Both Katy and Mehru were gentle loving women whose hearts were filled with love for their Baba and for us.  They gave us wonderful blessings and asked us our names and where we were from.  Here is a photo of Katy giving blessings to Mindy...

We also toured Meher Baba's bedroom and the bedroom of Mehera, his devoted companion and his sister Mani.  Only the women were allowed to touch the bed of Mehera.  After Meher Baba left his body, Mehera was devastated.  She missed her Baba so much.  One day she looked out her window at a sacred tree that was growing and in it saw Baba's face.  She thought that she was imagining it, so she didn't tell anyone.  After a while others came to see what she was looking at and also saw his face.  There is a worn out floor tile where she stood for 10 years to gaze at him.  The impression of Baba stayed in that tree for 10 years.  Here's a photo of the tree.  Look carefully and see if you can see it too.

Here is the main room where Baba sat and gave darshan to people...

Here are some photos of some of the incredible artifacts that were in the various rooms...


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