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The GHAN train from Alice Springs to Adelaide...

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Australia essentially has just three main trains.  There's...
  • The Overlander, that has been going between Sydney and Melbourne since 1887. The name was derived from the affectionate term, "Overlander"’ an adventurer who had travelled across the country.

  • The Indian Pacific, that goes 4352 kilometers across the country, from Sydney to Perth, including going across the world’s longest length of straight railway track, 478 kilometres through the stark and desolate Nullarbor Plain.

  • The GHAN, which goes 3000 kilometers (1860 miles) from Darwin in the far north to Adelaide in the far south.
Pause over this animation a moment to see their routes...

We caught The Ghan mid-way along its route at The Center - in Alice Springs, and spent the next 24 hours and 25 minutes aboard - "All Aboard"...

The train is named The Ghan in honor of the early Afghan camel minders called cameleers.  They were brought over with their camels, in the early days when the only way to transport anything from one town to the next, across the Outback, was by camel.

Here's the all-important locomotive...

And here's a glimpse of
our compartment.  We enjoyed ourselves with a few good naps, reading, sudokus, and we even had electricity so we could be on our laptops and keep up with our blogging...

Come take a tour of our suite with Evelyn....

(NEW!!! - You can also watch this same video now on YouTube:  - or click)

Click here: An Insider Tour of the Ghan

And at night, our sitting couch transformed into two sleeper beds...

Guess who was on top...?   The sleeping was not all that easy, as it made a lot of stops out in the middle of seemingly-nowhere, and a lot of rocking and rolling, but the fun of the day trip part made up for it.  We also met some great people aboard, and did more than our fair share of socializing.

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