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This entry was posted on 6/5/2007 4:20 AM and is filed under Australia.

Couldn't resist photos of this cool graffiti corner in Southbank...It's part of the "Come to Melbourne" tourist campaign ad.  Graffiti usually lasts only 2 weeks before another artist paints over it, making it an ever changing, evolving and vibrant art gallery.

This massive black sculpture is outside of the Arts Centre...

The National Gallery of Melbourne had a fun show on the history of the "Sneaker".  Lots of different sneakers were on display and treated as art pieces.

They also had a wonderful permanent exhibition that included this beautiful Henry Moore stone sculpture....

And this Rembrandt painting called "Two Old Men Disputing"...

The fall leaves are beautiful and Flagstaff Gardens had a lovely path through the trees.  In Santa Barbara autumn doesn't really happen so this was a treat for us to walk through the leaves and hear them rustle under our feet.

And if you're into fashion...hurry to Melbourne and swoon over the many boutiques that sell extraordinary original designs that cost a small fortune...


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