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Trams, Washing Machines, Galahs, Bollywood and Sushi

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This entry was posted on 5/23/2007 5:45 AM and is filed under Australia.

These can only be called random Melbourne memories...

Let's start with the trams.  Want to get around Melbourne easily without driving.  Jump on a passing tram.  They'll take you anywhere for only $2.  Here's how you do it...Go to a tram stop and get on the right tram heading in the right direction you're going.  As it's moving, put your change in the ticket machine while maintaining your balance and get your ticket.  If you've boarded with a daily ticket, validate it by putting it in any one of the punch machines located near an entry.  Then watch carefully for your exit because the streets are very poorly marked.  When you least expect it a uniformed tram policeman may board the train and ask for your validated ticket.  No ticket? $160 fine.  Take your chance on a free ride but be ready to get busted if you get caught riding without a validated ticket.

Wondering what this next photo is about?  Here's the story.  The red key with the line going through it means that you've just done your laundry and you want to get it out of the machine.  That symbol means that you can't.  The machine is locked and it won't open until it feels like it.  And no amount of pleading or prying will open it before it's good and ready to do so. 
Not a big deal you think.  Well, it is! We just wanted to put these photos here so that we don't forget the experiences we've had with this Australian machine that insists on keeping our clothes.

Oh yes, first this machine washes the clothes and then the same machine dries them.  That's why it won't open.  It's a childproof, don't want you to open the machine, kind of lock.

This gorgeous bird is Evelyn - just kidding - it's a Galah, a wild bird that is in the Cockatoo family.  We've seen quite of few of them here in the wild.

At the National Gallery of Victoria we took a tour through "The Art of Bollywood" exhibit.  It was fabulous and made us want to go to India.  It showed lots of original posters from Bollywood movies along with some great classic Bollywood films.

Here's a culinary idea that would make a lot of bucks in California.  Every few blocks here in Melbourne there is a fast foods sushi stand that sells these hand rolls for $2 a piece.  They're very delicious and come with a little soy sauce packet and a napkin.  A healthy snack that's easy to eat on the run.  We love them!


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    • 5/23/2007 1:44 PM mmmmmmarjorie wrote:
      Childproofing - bah! We keep childproofing the house and they just keep getting back in! Sushi looks so delicious - now me hungry!
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    • 6/8/2007 11:53 AM Nada wrote:
      OK, so besides the washer, did you notice how everything opens the opposite way? And how the water drains down the opposite direction? And tell me, have you tried parallel parking the OPPOSITE direction??? Glad to see you gals are having a splendid time. I remember Ambuja from living in the ashram, I'm a super fan of her hair, she used to have it BRIGHT RED!! Toodalooo
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