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There's So Much Public Art in Melbourne...

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This entry was posted on 5/23/2007 4:24 AM and is filed under Australia.

Turn a corner in downtown Melbourne and there's a beautiful sculpture.  Go another few blocks and there's another one.  That's a big reason why we love it here so much.

This sculpture is called "Blowhole" by Duncan Sternier.  It's in the Melbourne Docklands.  It is a 15 meter (49 feet) high wind powered sculpture with armature and cups interacting with each other to form patterns, colors and shadows.  The cups are arranged to pick up the wind in the way of an anemometer on the top of a yacht's mast.  It was designed to be a color and movement performance piece.

This "gorgeous" piece was also near the Docklands but didn't have an accompanying plaque with the artist's name on it.  It was majestically lit up at night.

This sculpture is just on the lawn outside of where we're staying in Southbank.  It's great fun to see kids playing on it or some young teens playing music inside of the overhang.

Here's a close up of part of it.

These lovely fish and floating leaves are in the entry to the food court of the building next door to us.

We loved this wall.  It's from a Japanese restaurant near our apartment.

Wow, another sculpture that looks so much like a Peapod inside of a circle.  Byron Katie writes in her book 'A Thousand Words for Joy', "You’re not only the center, you’re the circumference. You’re the whole circle, and you’re everything outside the circumference, too. Nothing can limit or circumscribe you..."



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