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It's all about the food here in Melbourne...

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There's nothing like going to a restaurant and having your senses blown away...

One of our favorites is right near us in Federation Square.  It's called "Chocolate Buddha".  Here are a few of the dishes we've had there.

Bibimbup...cucumber, carrot, daikon, shitakes, kimchee, pickled bean sprouts & sea vegetables with sunny side up free-range egg over hot cooked rice with a drizzle of hot BBQ sauce, nori and spring onions.  Yum Yum!

Yakitori Don...Spicy marinated free-range chicken wok fried with spinach leaves, sesame seeds and hot rice...

Another of our favorites is called "Cookie" 252 Swanston Street.  It's Asian Fusion and has fabulous food.  We forgot to take photos of their gorgeous food. Mea Culpa.

This appetizer, called an "entree" here, is cucumber with goat cheese and a wee bit of jam.  It comes from Jarrah - the restaurant here in our hotel, the Quay West.

Lentils and Lamb, Mindy's favorite, from Jarrah...

Almost every block has a fast food sushi bar that sells these nutritious and delicious hand rolls.  Easy to eat and cheap.  Only $2 per roll.  The best kind of fast food.

When we did our trip to the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens we happened onto a fabulous African restaurant for dinner.  It was called "Lalumba" - 4/309 Thomas St. in Dandenong.  This is a vegetarian plate of different beans and vegetables served on their fabulous injera bread - kind of a sour dough soft bread usually made from a specific gluten free grain called tef.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs...who would ever think to order them?  They're actually Moreton Bay Bugs - another name for unique crayfish.  We've had them 3 times now at Villa Romana on 252 Lygon St.  This is a street known for its restaurants.  Most of the restaurants have "spruikers" out front.  These are usually Italian men who hope to entice you into their restaurants by having you look at their menus and choose their fare over the others.

Just a few days before we left Melbourne, our friend Buji told us about "Flora".  It was just across the road from us on Flinders St. and sold the best Masala Dosas we've had in a long time.

We had the best Spanish tapas at Bar Lorinha.  Double baked Octopus, Curried Chickpeas, Roasted Ox Tongue (Mpod liked it), Fish Balls, and 4 different desserts.  (sorry, it was too dark for photos of the food)

Here's our favorite way to start our Melbourne day at "Coffee Minders".  Sunshine, 2 cappucinos made with Veneziano roasted coffee, and a hard Sudoku puzzle.

We had the best chocolate when we were in Toronto, Canada.  We found a shop called "Patchi" that sold gorgeous Lebanese chocolates.  It was the only one in all of Canada.  Imagine our surprise when we came across the same store here in Melbourne, the only "Patchi" store in all of Australia.  Here are some of their "cakes" made out of chocolates.

How about this $350 cake for your kid's next birthday????


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