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This entry was posted on 5/23/2007 3:22 AM and is filed under Australia.

Queen Victoria Market , the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, is in the center of Melbourne and about a 45 minute walk from our apartment - and an easy tram ride back home - loaded with bags of yummies...

50% of the market is fresh produce and deli style markets, the other 50% are vast warehouses of chazzerei  (if you don't know what that means, click).   We skipped the warehouses, thank you very much.

But we did well with the food! 

The cheese shops were gorgeous!  A favorite Aussie word to describe fantastic food...

Here's E-Pod, and notice what she's carrying... yes!  The virgin roll of algorithmic wrapping paper... about to become as magical a tube as Harry Potter's wizarding wand. (Not sure what this refers to?  Missed that blog? click here)

And note the offerings from this butcher - eeekkk!!! Kangaroo, crocodile and emu, oh my...

An altogether different food find was what our friend 'Possums' calls "The Cathedral of Coffee" - Brunetti's, which is primarily a bakery, as well as a huge and great coffee place on Lygon Street, the Italian area of town.  Melbournians LOVE their cakes.  It's easy to find shop after shop with windows piled high with cakes and baked goods.  Brunetti's is on the truly gourmet side of things though.  We took many pictures - here's just a little sampling...

Notice that this ribbon and bow are all made out of frosting....

And of course, the artistry of the cappuccino itself...

Yes, we've become Sudoku addicts.  The harder the better!   One of our favorite memories of Melbourne will be our daily decaf cappuccinos and sudoku puzzles...

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    • 5/26/2007 6:53 AM Mary Hershey wrote:
      Crikey! Cakes! Cakes! Love them! What incredible artistry! If I've ever wanted to be able to bi-locate, oh, man-- take me to Brunetti's. Please. Thanks for sharing, girls! Hugs, Mary Hershey
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