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A Walk Around the Docklands

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This entry was posted on 5/23/2007 4:40 AM and is filed under Australia.

We had a lovely afternoon exploring part of the town new to us around the old docklands.  We noticed a GIGANTIC statue of an eagle in the distance. 

We could see it from many streets as we walked by, but it just so happened that the bridge we had chosen to walk along had a sign about it...

Here's some of what the sign says:
"When I made Eagle, I was not trying to make a particular bird, but rather a kind of archetype of a bird;  I wanted to create a feeling of brooding watchfulness.  I was completely delighted to discover later that the wedge-tailed eagle is an extremely important totem for all of the Aboriginal people of Victoria; including the Wurundjeri people.  Eagle watches over the Docklands from Wurundjeri Way, linking the past with the present.   I decided that the sculpture should be white/grey because when one stands under it and looks up at it, the feeling is not unlike looking at clouds, the kind of clouds which the spirit of an Eagle might inhabit." - Bruce Armstrong
The Bunjil Dreaming - written by Joy Murphy, Wurundjeri Elder:
"Universally throughout Aboriginal Australia the Eagle is patriarchal and the Black Swan is matriarchal.  On this land the Eagle is known as Bunjil the ancestral creator spirit.  The Wurundjeri people say the Bunjil created all living things from the land.  Bunjil's home is in the sky with wives two black swans and his son the rainbow.  Bunjil looks over the land and its people with his watchful eye."

Check out that next-to-last line - "
Bunjil's home is in the sky with wives two black swans and his son the rainbow."  So there we are, and we look up, and what do we see?

This is only the second rainbow we have seen in Australia - how cosmic is that?!!  Love this life!

Another great find on our walk was the Web Bridge...

We were lucky to catch it with a glorious sunset...

And as night came on, so did the lights of the bridge...

And then later, walking through another part of the city, we passed one of Melbourne's largest architectural firms, and outside their office was a picture of the bridge from above that we loved...

Our third great find on the Docklands walk happened as we passed the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Building.  We were on the opposite side of the street, but something inside caught our eye - and we dashed across...

And inside we found this magnificent mural...

Imagine a public mural in the states with these lovely sensual nude beings...

The story about the mural is well worth reading.  If you have trouble seeing it here, click here for an enlarged zoom-in (zoom-in)


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    • 5/23/2007 1:40 PM mpod2 wrote:
      Wow - that place is so GAWGEOUS! Such great art and sculpture. I would love to see it up close one day when we have astral travel and I won't have to pack and fly. Have you girls read The Bone People? I just finished it and kept thinking of you down under. Love, mPod2
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    • 5/25/2007 3:21 PM joss wrote:
      wow oh wow, what an adventure you are having, ill bet you never want to come home! joss
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    • 5/27/2007 9:59 PM Mary Hershey wrote:
      Oh, I just read The Bone People, too. Way incredible book. You gotta read it if you haven't. Geez, love that bridge. Hugs, Mary Hershey
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