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This entry was posted on 5/22/2007 5:45 AM and is filed under Australia.

We had a very fun day with our friends Monica, Angela and Brucie, all relatives of our good Aussie friend Tara Rizzi from Santa Barbara (her mother, sister and sister's husband).  We had met her family when they came to Santa Barbara for Tara's wedding last year, so this was a sweet reunion of all of us.

They picked us up and drove us out to Healesville, about an hour away, for lunch and a stroll through the animal sanctuary.  We saw many exotic animals that we've never seen before.  It was a terrific day.

Here are Monica, Angela, Brucie and Evelyn.

They had a really cool Birds of Prey show where they brought out these huge raptors and let them freely fly.

They had a problem when two truly free eagles flew over us proclaiming their domain over the territory we were in.  The trainers were fearful their trained birds would get harmed, so the show was unfortunately cut short.

Here is one of the trained birds flying over us.

This bird - a Buzzard - was amazing because she would pick up a rock and intentionally drop it on the ostrich egg to break it.  She repeated this act over and over until she had cracked the egg and could get at the contents inside.  This is not learned behavior, but completely instinctual.  There is only one other bird in the world that uses rocks as a tool like this, a turkey vulture in Africa.

Watch the movie of her doing this...

How the buzzard breaks the egg open

Yes, we finally saw someone prove that it was possible to throw a boomerang (several times) and have it come back to you.  We didn't realize that it goes in a huge circle as it comes back.  Very cool.  check it out.

A quick glimpse of a real boomerang thrower

OK, this is an emu - some say that its oil has healing properties.  Unfortunately where there's emu oil, there's no more emu.

Great lizards and baby crocodiles in this exhibit...

And the nocturnal section is always so eerie.  Here are some cool tree frogs and a creepy snake.


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    • 6/4/2007 2:41 AM Ray wrote:
      Wot, no platypus at Healesville??? The green egg is an emu's egg. The turkey vulture does the same trick with ostrich eggs(which are white) in Egypt/Africa! (shades of Gondwanaland!) Looking forward to catching up at the Sydney Film Festival-love Ray&Bill
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