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This entry was posted on 5/14/2007 4:39 AM and is filed under Australia.

Pods... why haven't you been posting any blogs for the last many weeks???  What have you been doing there in Melbourne?  Well....

We work as we travel, and our work is trading currencies.  And our pursuit of currency trading is two-fold: 

    1) We trade real-time live movements in the currency markets.  For this we LOVE being in Australia because the hours of trading are so much easier than they are at home. In Santa Barbara, if we want to trade the big London market, we have to be awake from midnight until about 3 am.  If we want to trade the second largest market, New York, we have to wake up at 5 am.  Forget ever trading both markets in one day.  But here in Australia, the London market opens around 6 pm, and the NY market opens around 11 pm - no problem to catch both in one night.  Play in the mid-day and afternoon.  Stay up at night.  Sleep long in the mornings.  Perfect.  Great freedom, great flexibility.

2) For the past two years we have been developing our own strategy that we can express with enough specificity that it can be computer programmed and automated to execute our trades for us.  We have been working with a brilliant programmer in Santa Barbara for the last 1.5 years, and we made the pledge to each other that "We won't leave Melbourne until we've completed our strategy and written it up"....

So - we rented ourselves a third larger monitor and set up a real office in our apartment....

and dug in!   We spent about 10 hours a day for the first seven weeks we were here in Melbourne, and with the addition of a lot of Grace and some luck, and the creation of a custom indicator which we had our programmer manifest from one of our scripts - we have landed upon something that we feel is uniquely ours.

We bought two rolls of gift wrap, each 5 meters long, and wrote out the State Machine logic code for it on the back of the took every bit of paper on BOTH rolls to write out the code.  (Hackers - don't bother trying to blow this picture up to read what's here - it's intentionally blurred.  This is secret stuff!)

Then a few days to transpose it to the computer - and off it went to Santa Barbara for our beloved Charles to take on. 

We feel a tremendous sense of relief and satisfaction.  It's not just the culmination of these past 7 weeks, but of the past 2 years.  And having the uninterrupted and completely isolated time here in Melbourne was a big contribution. There will still be another year or so the three of us will put into it before it's completely live - but oh what a difference it will make to our lives.  Phew!

Now we can go out and explore during the day and get back to the serious business of TRAVEL (and blogging)....

The day after we sent our write-up off, we took a full day off to celebrate.  We went to the Museum Park at 10 am and were probably the first people to ever ask for 7 movie tickets in a row - a full day of IMAX.  BLISS!

The people who worked there were amazed by us!  "Again?" they said. What a fun day!  We saw some really good movies about Egypt and another on the Nile, 3D Under Water, 3D Space Shuttle, Shakleton's exploration of Antarctica, and The Forces of Nature (about volcanoes, tornadoes and earthquakes).  And the day ended with watching Spiderman 3 on the big IMAX screen.  Wow!  Quite a day, but it was rainy and the perfect thing to do for two overworked girls who were celebrating a historic achieved work goal.

Here we are with our 3D glasses on....


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