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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They're All Stoned in Nimbin

From Bangalow we headed for Nimbin, hippy capital of the universe.  We passed by some interesting road signs on the way.

And we knew we were going in the right direction after we saw this sign....

This sign says it all...

Nimbin is a town stuck in the 60's.  Rainbow flags, flower children, hippy museum, paraphernalia shops, and a very laid back stoned atmosphere. 

Here is where the police look the other way and co-exist with all these stoners.  This is the town to score dope and smoke your brains out.  Shopkeepers were smoking, cafe servers were smoking, the smell of pot was everywhere. 

When we hired the rental car, the owner reminded us not to eat any Nimbin cookies while driving because drivers often went off the road or took the wrong road or were lost for days.

It was like going to a section of Disneyland called "Stoners City".  There was a haze of fuzz around the whole place.  Then you add to this the tour buses of seniors who swarmed through the town, and you have an interesting combination.  They're buying marijuana licenses for their friends as jokes and posing in front of the largest paper machie joint you've ever seen (over 30 ft. long and 3 ft. wide) holding bongs.  Quite amusing.

And don't forget the Hippie Museum with all it's unique artifacts, like egg beaters?...

And abandoned VW buses...Ah...Those were the days (daze?)...

There was beautiful scenery on the way through Nimbin and these Nimbin rocks were quite gorgeous.

We made the hinterlands loop and returned safely to Byron Shire, only having stalled the car a couple of times.  And we did see a car smashed into a tree just outside of Nimbin.  They must have eaten some Nimbin cookies on the way home.