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The Pods Visit Melbourne - Part 1

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This entry was posted on 4/10/2007 3:50 AM and is filed under Australia.

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is a sophisticated, hip and cool city, located in the south-east corner of Australia.  It's full of vibrant energy, lots of hip boutiques, tons of restaurants, beautiful parks, amazing sculptures and very nice people.

This city is less than 200 years old and has an interesting blend of architectural styles.  We've been impressed by their futuristic design sense and their fun mix of modern sculpture with aboriginal influences.

They say that the Melburians are fanatic about four things:

1.  Sports - Australian Rules "Footy" is almost a religion.  And any time of day on TV you can catch either a Footy game, a Cricket match, or a Soccer game.

2. Fashion - This is one of the hippest places we've seen.  The shops are funky, hip, cool, unique and numerous.

3.  Festivals - There's always something going on.  Australian Open Tennis, World Swim Competition, Australian Grand Prix, Food and Wine Festival, International Flower and Garden Show, International Film Festival, Melbourne Cup Carnival, Melbourne Fringe Festival (supports the creation of new art), Fashion Happenings and the International Comedy Festival.

4.  Food - So many restaurants to choose from.  Lots of food courts with every ethnic choice available under one roof and heaps of localized areas where eating is the main attraction and where you're tempted daily to have some homemade gelato before dinner.

Ever heard of Kalamansi?  We hadn't either so we needed to experience it.  WOW!  Delicious.  A fruit from Indonesia that tasted just like orange marmalade.  And yes, we shared a scoop of it BEFORE dinner.  Bad girls!

We've rented a 1 bedroom apartment with a little kitchen in the sister hotel of the one we stayed in while we were in Sydney.  It's called the Quay West.  It's the tall white round building in the following photo on the left side.  We're on the 12th floor in a larger corner apartment.  We're right in Southbank which is the center of town.

This is the walking and bike path that goes along the Yarra River.

Here's our view...

It feels a little like San Francisco and a little like a cosmopolitan city in Europe.
It's autumn now but the locals say that you can experience all 4 seasons in one day here with the changeable and unpredictable weather.  So far it has been lovely, mostly sunny days with an occasional overcast one.  It feels "fresh" here at night - that's Aussie for brisk.

This is what it looks like at night...

This is the Arts Center right next door to us with its amazing spire.

And it's Comedy Festival month, so there are opportunities to get laughs everywhere.

We were lucky enough to see Bonnie Raitt in concert here at Hamer Hall for her "Souls Alike Tour".  WOW!  What a show!  That woman (now 57 years old) can Rock 'n Roll like crazy.  It was a fabulous show and we loved it!

Here's another great musician named George Kamikawa, Japanese Blues Cowboy.  He didn't have a super hall to sing in, but he was one of the best street performers we've seen.  Lapsteel guitar, bottleneck slide, harmonica and vocals and he had a drum pad under his left foot with an electric pick up connected to the amp.  A veritable one man band.

Listen to him play...

George Kamikawa Plays the Blues - one

George Kamikawa Plays the Blues - two

And here's a photo of our "office" lest you think that we're out having fun all day.  Actually we work on our currency trading strategies about 10 hours a day.  We love the trading hours here and having very few distractions allows us to dive into this fully.

There's more about Melbourne in Part 2.


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