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The Hinterlands of Byron Shire

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This entry was posted on 4/2/2007 6:51 PM and is filed under Australia.

After "hiring" an orange Yarris (car) for a rainy day, the Pods set off with a manual shift driving on the wrong side of the road into the hinterlands of Byron Shire.  But as they say here, "No Worries", Evelyn as driver and Mindy as navigator avoided all "prangs" (crashes or nicks) and did really well for this 200km adventure.  Thank goodness Evelyn is left-handed and could adapt to the manual transmission with such grace! 

Our first stop was the monthly market at Bangalow.

It was the best outdoor market we've been too.  Lots of delicious food options, super crafts people and a fun atmosphere.  Here were the cool drums...

And the beautiful handmade didgeridoos...

And the lovely wooden flutes...

Here was our favorite T-shirt and their biggest seller...

We bought fresh delicious lychees (they pronounce them Li-chees) and a new variety of persimmon.

And check out these unique finger limes. 

Inside were these little round sour juice balls in both red and green.

And Mindy tried on several hats at this fun place before deciding on her favorite.  See her try them on here (pause a moment on this picture):

Does it remind you of....?

Enter to win the contest "Which hat did Mindy buy, and which hat did Evelyn buy?" - yes, we did walk away with two of these lovelies.  The special grand prize goes to any one who can guess both hats correctly.

Check out this delicious fruit leather made just from fruit with no sugar added.  This one is mango, dragon fruit and passionfruit.  When they were all hanging up together for sale, they looked more like stained glass pieces than food.

There was an interesting couple who had a candle making tent.  Adults and children had super fun creating their own candles and then the woman would cut them into amazing shapes.

From Bangalow we headed to Nimbin, Hippie capital of the Universe...See the next blog for your own personal flashback to the 60's.


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    • 4/11/2007 5:42 PM Ms. M wrote:
      What cool hats! I couldn't vote because they were moving too fast. Imagine running into a pal of Rabbi Loschak! Truly an amazing and small world.
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    • 4/18/2007 10:53 PM Darcey wrote:
      Wow - voting is hard but here is my guess - Mindy got the black one with the rainbow colored snaky things coming out and evelyn got the green one with the red and black stripes. Had i been with you i would have gotten the red one that looked like a wizards hood. Very cool - D
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