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Leaving Sydney for The Sea Temple in Pt. Douglas near Cairns

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This entry was posted on 3/16/2007 3:54 AM and is filed under Australia.

We finally left Sydney and flew 3 hours north to Cairns (pronounced Cans).  From there we went 1 hour further by charter bus to Pt. Douglas, a small resort town of 3000.  We stayed at the beautiful Sea Temple Hotel, a property owned by the same company (Mirvac) that owned our Sydney apartment.

It feels just like Hawaii here.  It's hot, humid and tropical.  Geckos on the walls, toads in the driveways and occasional rain that temporarily cools down the weather.  It's "stinger" season here which means that all the beaches are closed to swimmers.  These jelly fish inflict very intensely painful stings and some of them can even cause fatal reactions.  Stinger season lasts six months!  It is also the end of the cyclone season and we were lucky to avoid these natural phenomenons that are known to level whole towns.

The hotels compensate for the problem of the stingers by building these gigantic swimming lagoons.  Our hotel, The Sea Temple, has the largest swimming pool we've ever seen.  Not only is it long and wide, but it also goes around the perimeter of most of the rooms so that you can just walk out your room directly into the pool.  There is the main lagoon and then little canals of lagoon that meander past the backs of the rooms and then feed into the main pool.  Very private and very unique.  The pool was so long that it took 108 strokes of freestyle to get to the other side, so it ranks as the ultimate lap pool.

Here we are looking from the open air lobby across the pool...

and from the opposite end back toward the lobby..

One thing we loved was how there were no steps into the pool at the main entrance to it - just this gradual slope that made you feel you were walking into the ocean.  It was a subtle thing, seemingly no big deal, yet it really changed the experience in a delightful way...

Here's a panorama from near our room, showing how - in addition to the main area of the pool - there were also these tributaries that made a loop from the main pool around to most of the rooms - enabling many more rooms to feel that they too were right on the pool edge.  In fact, the loop opened up into smaller private pool areas, all connected together, like a river...

We were really intrigued with the loop idea, and took a movie of swimming through the whole thing.  Here it is - to give you and idea of how long and fun it is.  This movie is sped up to be about twice as fast as it took to swim it.  Enjoy the ride...

Swim the Sea Temple loop with us

Walking right out into the pool from a room...

Ahhh... life is good!  Right EJ?

The landscape of the hotel was also lovely.  We took so many pictures in fact, we're going to split the blog entry for that over to another page....


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