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The Beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales....

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This entry was posted on 3/15/2007 5:23 PM and is filed under Australia.


Only 2 hours out of Sydney by train is the most beautiful wonderland that you can imagine.  Many people had told us to be sure and go and finally we did.  We packed a lunch and headed for the train station in the Circular Quay where we were staying.  We took the train to Central, then transferred to a train that went all the way to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.  Once there we boarded an Explorer Bus which took us to the trail leading to the Katoomba Falls. 

Here's a panorama photo of the Blue Mountains as seen from the top...

We headed off by foot from there and walked down thousands of stairs until we were under one section of the Falls.  It reminded us of New Zealand once again. 

Walking through a dripping rain forest, under these huge sandstone cliff cutouts, we criss crossed our way down to the floor of the valley.

Here's a full view of the Katoomba Falls that we caught as we walked further down into the Valley...

We knew that if we could make it down to the bottom before 4:50pm we had a chance of catching the last fast train up the side of the mountain.  Otherwise, we were doomed to walk up all those stairs and our calves would never have forgiven us.  As it was, our calves pained us for days afterwards.  Everytime we went up or down stairs we had to say, "ouch", "ouch", "ouch", for each stair.

Here's a view of the stairs we had to climb down...

and down...

There was also a beautiful Sky Rail that crossed over the Mountains and gave superb views.

The train ride is called "The Steepest Train in the World" and take our word for it, it is!  You slide into a narrow seat with a heavy screened in enclosure above you.  All scrunched down you hold on for dear life as the train ascends the side of the mountain at breakneck speed to the top.  The dear conductor offered us a return trip down free of charge.  Mindy passed.  Enough excitement for the day.

Here's where we saw these magnificent King Parrots with the bright red heads eating at the feeder. 

We also saw a pair of huge yellow tailed black cockatoos.  As they flew through the open canyon with amazing loud cries, it was extremely dramatic and memorable.

It was amazing that only 2 hours away there existed such an amazing beauty of nature. It was the perfect day outing followed by a mellow train ride back home to Sydney.


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