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Sydney's Fabulous Harbour Bridge

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The story of Sydney's Harbour Bridge is an epic tale.  The proposals, planning materials, maps, photographs, artworks and contemporary written sources offer a wealth of information and fascinating insights into the history of Sydney.  We went to the Museum of Sydney and viewed a whole exhibit devoted to this magnificent Bridge.  The exhibit is in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Bridge celebrated in Sydney on March 18th, 2007.  On this day, the Bridge will be closed to traffic and open only to pedestrians for crossing.  A huge celebration will take place with the Aborigines doing special blessings and smoke ceremonies marking this special day.

One of our favorite Sydney walks was leaving our apartment on the Circular Quay and walking along a walkway next to the freeway that took us to the Harbour Bridge.  From there we could use the pedestrian walkway and go over the Bridge to North Sydney.  The walk took about 40 minutes each way, but we were rewarded by the best Thai restaurant we found in Kiribilli on the North side of the Bridge.

Here's a close up of the steel girders...

The first design competition for the bridge was held in 1900, but no worthy ideas were submitted.  Finally in 1922 plans were approved for the building of an arch bridge.   Construction began in 1925.  Work was completed in March 1932 and Sydney's physical and social character was forever transformed.

Sydney's Harbour Bridge was, and still remains, an impressive engineering feat.  It is renowned for both its technical specifications and for overcoming the construction challenges of the time.  Many people lost their homes due to the land requirements of the bridge and many of the labor men lost their lives due to primitive safety conditions on the site.  Viewing the history of this bridge was a fantastic experience for us. 

For the extreme sports addicts (not us), they offer an experience called "The Bridge Climb".  They put you all in matching blue jumpsuits and tether you to security lines on the bridge and off you go (after paying a hefty sum).  No cameras allowed on this tour!  You get to walk up to the very top of the bridge where they say the views are fab!  We'll just take their word for it.  Here's a group on top of the bridge now...

And here is a small section of a great Legos Bridge which we saw in the Sydney Museum.

Here's a shot we took of the bridge at dusk...

And here's the bridge at night...

There's a great amusement park called "Luna Park" across the Bridge.  It's fun to see this fabulous entry to the park...


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