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It's Cool to be Gay in Sydney for Mardi Gras

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We bought tickets for the Glamstands in order to have a great view of the parade.  It was a night parade and it was unusual for us to watch instead of being participants.  One of us (guess who?) was relieved to be a watcher.  The other (guess who?) gave in for once and agreed to be a spectator.

This parade is preceded by its reputation as one of the best Mardi Gras parades in the world so we were ready for a fabulous event.  It was a night when it was definitely cool to be gay.  Everyone was waving rainbow colored mini flags and the drag queens were wearing their finest.

The parade kicked off with the Dykes on Bikes.  Their headlamp bulbs had been replaced with bulbs the color of the rainbow.  Bare breasted girls, leather girls, fat girls, skinny girls in hair rollers and everyone else in between was on a big bad bike and making a huge deafening sound as they revved their engines.

Here are some of the groups that were represented at the parade...

The Workers Out Union of New South Wales marched right after the Sexy Scientists from the National Centre of HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research group.

IBM had a float as well as ANZ (pronounced A - N - Zed), the local bank.

Political Groups were there too.  The Socialist Alliance was supporting same-sex marriage.  The "We Love Justice and Freedom" were there advocating for the return of David Hicks and the other prisoners held illegally at Guantanamo.

IKEA was represented by a huge truck with a large kitchen on it.  Two boys in leather chaps with nothing else (bare butts shining!), were cooking up breakfast with these oversize utensils.  They were serving four drag queens in full regalia.  Wouldn't see this at home!

Teenagers from "Highschoolers Against Homophobia" had a float.  And the "Homotones" were dressed as their favorite superheroes and played hero themesongs.  The M.A.G. (Mature Aged Gays) group on the large bus was a hit with the crowd.  But the "Clean and Sober" group had only 5 marchers and the crowd largely ignored them.  Drinking in Australia is a major pastime and a lively sport that is taken quite seriously. 

What surprised us the most was seeing the Australian Police Department marching as well as the Fire Brigade.  All supporting gay rights.

Our favorites were the ones that showed the most creativity.  Unfortunately, there weren't many of these.  The Trojan Horse was beautifully created. 

The cupcakes and the wedding cakes with the elaborate silken layers gave us much inspiration for a future idea for Summer Solstice.  The synchronized speedo (only) clad group of men and women from the Surf Life Saving group were fun to watch and a crowd favorite.  And of course, who can't help but admire the many drag queens who walked the whole parade in stiletto heels!  I'd rather walk a parade on stilts than in stiletto heels anyday!

Click here for a couple movies - composites of several groups...

Mardi Gras movies of cupcakes and bears

Mardi Gras movies of drag queens and more

This parade, very different from the Summer Solstice Parade of Santa Barbara, did entertain and at the same time remind people that diversity is present everywhere and should be respected and honored. 

To see photos of The Peapods in their Solstice costumes go to   - 

There were massive crowds and the amount of trash left behind was enormous and unbelievable.  Thank goodness for the hardworking crew that picked up after everyone.  Shame on the crowd for their sloppiness!


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