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This entry was posted on 2/23/2007 1:41 AM and is filed under Australia.

Here's Part 1 of some random cool and wonderful things we've seen here in Sydney.

1.  This brand of Australian beer is called 4X.  We like the name because we trade "Forex", Foreign Exchange Currency.  The trading hours here in Australia are wonderful.  The London Market opens at 7pm and the U.S. market opens at midnight.  We can play during the day and trade in the evenings.  It's heavenly for us.

2.   Need a taxi after drinking too much 4X?  Grab one of these and they'll take you from the Darling Harbour just across the way to the Circular Quay where we live.


3. How about this cute little pink hairdressers business squished between two big buildings?

4.  These are native aboriginals who posed with us on the Circular Quay.  They also play some great music.

5. Hey, what happened to this bicycle and where's the other half?


6. This guy was selling his huge sombrero type hats outside of a pub.  He wasn't doing much business.

7.  Mindy likes this picture of me in my new glasses.

8.  And I like this picture of her messing with the sugar packets from the cappucinos.

9.  Couldn't resist a photo of this road sign.  Is there really such a thing as "Liberal Catholic"?

Go to Part 2 of the blog for more of these kinds of things...

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    • 2/25/2007 3:12 PM Barbara Guthrie wrote:
      Tres amusant. Amazing the things you miss when you're in your home town! See you tonight if you let us know what number your apartment is....
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    • 3/3/2007 8:37 AM Mary Hershey wrote:
      Janey Mack!! re: Liberal Catholic Church. Would love to see what they are up to in there. :-] I love the new glasses, too, Evelyn! Hugs, Mary Hershey
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