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It's the Year of the Pig here in Sydney...Happy Chinese New Years...

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This entry was posted on 2/23/2007 2:53 AM and is filed under Australia.

Happy Chinese New Year!  The Year of the Pig!

We went to China Town in Sydney for a first hand glimpse of how to properly celebrate the Australian Chinese New Years.

The gates state it clearly, "Within The Four Seas All Men Are Brothers".  Amen to that!

China Town covers quite a few blocks of down town Sydney.  It reminded us very much of our wonderful week in Hong Kong.

The stores are all gaily decorated with red and gold.

Dancers were practicing in the park for the parade.

We stood in front of this store front and watched this young chef make octopus balls.  He would pour a soupy dough mix into each half circle and then add the octopus mix and cover it with more dough mix.  Deftly using his chopsticks he would turn them over and over again until they were browned all over.  They looked beautiful.

Watch the movie of him making here...

How to make Octopus Balls

Across from him was a girl making these muffin like sandwiches.  She would pour the dough in and make both the tops and bottoms, then scoop a filling in between before closing them up.  The fillings were aduki bean, chocolate, custard or pork.  The designs on top of the buns distinguish between the different flavors.

Here's a movie of her making her muffins.  Click here...

Making a unique style of sandwich

Our favorite Chinese/Thai fusion restaurant is called "Chinta Ria" and it is in Darling Harbour, darling.  The food is fantastic and the interior is gorgeous.

You can throw a coin into the vessel on either side of the Buddha while making your wish.

Here are a few of the dishes we tried...

Rice noodles with assorted vegetables...

White fish with lemongrass tamarind curry...

Greens with ginger and peanut sauce...

Dragon Boat Races in Darling Harbour are a big part of the celebration here.  They last for 2 days...Notice that in the front of each boat is a drummer who beats out a cadence that the paddlers follow. 

Watch this movie of one of the races in progress...
Dragon Race

Happy Chinese New Year's Everyone!


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