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It's all about Mardi Gras here in Sydney...

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Mardi Gras starts in early January and culminates in the evening Mardi Gras parade on Saturday, March 3rd.  We started seeing advertisements for it everywhere in Sydney just after we arrived.  The first place we saw it was on the Circular Quay where we live.  They put up the rainbow flags in honor of us and Mardi Gras.

Then we saw a notice about the "Queer Film Festival" on a phone booth...

And other reminders were everywhere we looked...

We started the festival by going to the Opening Night of the Film Festival.  We saw 12 mostly great Shorts (a few of them were outstanding) and then voted on our favorites. 

Then we went to the Mardi Gras Fair in Victoria Park.  It was an all day celebration and the temperature was HOT.  There was great live music and lots of people watching.  Our favorite band was the Sydney Police Band.  We also loved the male duo who sang an opera duet.  And there was the "Drag King" who did lip syncing to some hip hop tune.

Many of the drag queens in their full regalia were suffering dearly because of the heat.  The coolest ones were these...

The Gay Sydney Nudists...Free Hugs?

This young man was having his shirt directly painted on to his body as we watched.  Very arty...

Free Hugs and/or Shags were offered...

We watched The Sydney Women's Baseball League tie in the Rope Pull Contest...

C'mon PULL!!!

Our favorite theater day was when we went and saw the matinee for "Holding the Man".  It was a fabulous play about 2 boys who fall in love with each other when they are 15 years old and their love story until they both die of AIDS in their early 30's.  It's a true story written by Tim Conigrave.  It was moving, profound and fabulously cast.

That night we went to see "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".  You may have seen the movie.  It is an original Australian production (as was the film) and it was outrageously delightful.  Great drag costumes and songs and dancing.  We loved it.

We also saw a terrific play by David Mamet called "Boston Marriage" which was a Victorian age comedy.  Boston marriage is a Victorian euphemism for a long term intimate relationship between two women.  It was a delightful and extremely clever theater piece that we both enjoyed.

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