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Ever Been To A Sing Along?

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This entry was posted on 2/23/2007 5:37 AM and is filed under Australia.

When Mindy heard about the "Sound of Music" Sing Along, she was determined to go.  How could we resist?  It was held at the gorgeous State Theater and people were encouraged to wear costumes.  Darn, we left ours at home!

Each person received a "prop bag" which held the following...a piece of drapery fabric, a small sprig of plastic Edelweiss, a popper (makes a good kissing sound), an invitation to the Captain's Ball, 2 flash cards with Maria on one and the other had a question mark on it ("How do you solve a problem like Maria?).  We were given good instructions and had a few rehearsals on how to use the cards and we were told the appropriate sounds to make for certain key characters.  i.e.  The Baronness - cat hissing, The Nazis - boos and hisses, The Littlest girl Gretl - oooooh, adorable, Rolf (the boyfriend of the oldest daughter) - barking, etc.  We practiced these too.  There were also synchronized hand signals for songs like "Do A Deer, A Female Deer...etc."  And the best part is that all the words for the songs were on the screen and easy to follow.

By the way, all Australian movie theaters and other theaters serve beer, wine, champagne, full bar, and popcorn and candy.  So the participants were able to loosen up if they desired.  And lots of them did!

There was a costume contest and here's what it looked like...

First of all, there were LOTS of Nuns.  There was a large order from "The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence".  Most of them wore their habits, but a group of them just had on black Tshirts which listed their bad habits.  i.e. cigarette habit, drug habit, etc.

Then came the 3rd place winners.  These two women went as "Hills" as in "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music".....  They were all dressed in green with plastic flowers adhered to their hills.

2nd place winners went to the Jam Pot and the Bread.  Sing the song "Do A Deer, a Female Dear" then get to the "Te", a drink with jam and bread...

But the 1st place winner was a real hit with the crowd.  She limped on stage all in bandages with a stuffed dog attached to her leg.  Sing the Song "These are a Few of My Favorite Things".  Get to the part of "when the dog bites", and here you'll find our winner.

It was a very memorable evening and we think this event should be brought to Santa Barbara every year too.  It would be a terrific fund raiser for an event.  Food from the Heart????  Solstice????


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