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Happy Valentine's Day from Manly Beach...

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This entry was posted on 2/16/2007 2:34 AM and is filed under Australia.

We decided that the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day was to go on an adventure to Manly Beach.  It's such a funny name.  It was actually named that by the explorer who discovered this beach and thought that the native aboriginals looked very "manly".

Manly Beach is 8 miles away from Sydney but feels much further.  We got there by taking our first Sydney ferry boat ride.  The ride lasted about 30 minutes and cost $12 round trip for each of us.  It was a lovely day and the waters were calm.  Here's the boat we took...

Here we are leaving Sydney...

Here's a look at the skyline of our neighborhood by the harbour in Sydney...

Lots of sailboats were out celebrating this magnificent day...

As soon as we docked we walked through the Steyne Promenade and headed for the beach where we went for a beautiful long walk.  This is what the beach looks like...

Surfs up in Manly...

We came across 3 different swimming pools built along the sides of the ocean.  They are filled with salt water and offered to the public for no charge.  This is because the ocean very often has furious currents so the beaches can sometimes be closed to swimmers. 

Here's a close up photo of that beautiful sculpture on the side of the middle of the pool.

We watched this boating team practice their take offs and landings.  They had a well rehearsed synchronisity when getting into the boat as they took off.  The helmsman stood at the end of the boat and using a long rudder stick, skillfully guided them through the oncoming big waves.  Then he did the same to get them safely back to shore by riding a large wave all the way in.  We watched them when they capsized the boat at the end of a long run in.

Watch this movie to see them in here Row Boys - Row

Look carefully at the following photo to see them riding a wave back in to shore...

We had a fabulous Valentine's lunch at the Manly Ocean Beach House.

Often times we had seen "Moreton Bay Bugs" on the menu, but didn't dare ask about them.  Who would want to eat bugs?  Turns out that they are absolutely delicious, a crayfish kind of delicacy that come from the Moreton Bay area near Brisbane in Queensland. 

Here's what they looked like...

We also had a Prawn Salad that was phenomenally tender.  Unlike any prawns we have ever tasted anywhere else.  We had a gorgeous view of the ocean while enjoying our meal and felt like queens of the beach.

At the end of the day we remembered that a local Sydney acquaintance had told us that we absolutely MUST have an ice cream while in Manly.  It was the custom and we had to be sure and participate in this ritual.  So we did and here's the proof of it...

At the end of the day we took another long walk to the other side of the bay.  We passed by a wall that had this unique sculpture.

Then we walked back to the wharf and rode the ferry home.  Here we are just passing by our apartment on the way to docking.  It's the 2nd building from the far right end.

Lots of our fellow passengers had serious sunburns.  The sun is extremely strong here and we have to be very careful not to get burnt.  It felt good to get back into our harbour.

Then we walked 5 minutes back to our apartment.  Ah..."Home Sweet Home".  It was a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day.


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    • 2/18/2007 8:37 AM MARY HERSHEY wrote:
      Happy Valentines Day, Pods! Thanks for letting me come along to Manly Beach with you! I love all the photos!! What great fun. Love and light to you both--Mary Hershey
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    • 2/18/2007 6:12 PM geeeef wrote:
      sharks at manley
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    • 2/18/2007 10:02 PM David wrote:
      Dear Evelyn and Dear Mindy, I've just been poring over your blog for the last hour and a half or so, and am utterly enchanted, charmed, pleased, envious, etc, etc! And I've only gotten into Australia so far. I heard of your blog about a month ago, but just never took the time to delve until just this evening. I love your photos and your photography, very nice! I'm not getting the movies yet, just sound so far...some sort of software mischief. I am very happy for you both, and pleased for your adventure. I'll be tuning in more often, and reviewing your earlier entries. I'm so pleased to know you! David.
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