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This entry was posted on 2/7/2007 4:30 AM and is filed under Australia.

After more than 2 months on the road it feels great to rent an apartment with a little kitchen and hunker down for a little bit.  We started craving some home cooked meals and a little more space than we could get from our hotel rooms.  We also liked it here in Sydney so much that we felt we could easily stay a month or two.

We spent a few days looking at what was available and kept coming back to our dream apartment that we saw early in our search.  Everything was perfect about it except the way too high price.  Located right on the Circular Quay (pronounced "key") with the harbour in the front yard and the Botanical Gardens in the back yard.  It was a one bedroom modern flat with full kitchen, washer/dryer, big tub and shower in the bathroom and best of all, a balcony overlooking the harbour with a little table and two chairs.  Flat screen TV's in both the living room and bedroom and beautiful art work on the walls and on every floor.  And a gym and swimming pool too.

Just before we were going to take the 2nd best apartment (located in the business center of town) we made one more call to a different apartment search company and they offered us the same apartment on the 6th floor at the harbour for 1/2 the price.  We took it instantly!  And here we are - so happy and content.  It's called the Quay Grand  Suites on 61 Macquarie St. (61 2 9256 4000).  We even emptied the suitcases and put the clothes away in the drawers.  And we have very fast internet service here so our trading is going really well. Here's our digs...

Our front yard is the Circular Quay - the most "happening" place in town, where we can look right over our balcony to the harbour below.  Our backyard - literally just across the street from our apartment/hotel building - is the Botanical Garden - a 66 acre park filled with walking paths, amazing birds and bats and diverse plant zones.

Here's a look from one of the paths back towards our 'hood and the city...

Movie Looking Back From The Botanical Gardens Towards Our Neighborhood

The giant film screen you see on posts in the middle of the water is the summer film festival, sponsored by the St. George Bank.  A different first run movie is shown every night.  People gather and have dinner and drinks and then stay for the flick.  We hope to catch one while they are still playing.

Here's the view from our balcony overlooking the harbour.  Notice the rainbow flags in honor of the upcoming "Mardi Gras" which lasts the whole month we're here.  It started as a gay pride parade, but now encompasses the whole city and all of its inhabitants.

This photo is lovely with the monks below, their robes matching the flags.  I called down to them - "Hey Swami Ji".  When they looked up, I gave them a high Namaste which they returned with a smile.  Very fun!

And here's a view from the opposite side of the Quay looking back toward our place...

There's a very slick market here in the center of town called David Jones - lots of fresh deli salads and a huge assortment of meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies.  It's in the bottom of the David Jones Department Store.  It's amazing and beautiful.  In it they have different food bars where you can order things and have them cooked fresh by a chef - Noodle Bar, Sushi Bar, Grill Bar, Oyster Bar, Antipasto Cheese bar, Seafood Bar, etc. all interspersed with the food they sell.  They have tons of curries, exotic jams and sauces, walls of vinegars and specialty oils, about 75 mustards to choose from and a separate wine room.  All the Australian wines have screw caps, so no corkscrews needed.  They even have a section with various kinds of hot roasted nuts.  There is an antipasto bar with about 40 kinds of olives and tons of spreads like pesto, pumpkin pesto, tahini, eggplant spread, etc.  And there's a deli case filled with pat├ęs and sausages, prosciuttos, and smoked fish.  Everything and anything you could possibly want.  It's fun for us to go there every 3 days and just buy enough for a few meals.  We load up our backpacks and our shopping bags and head for home.  It's a good aerobic workout with the added weight of the bags.

Here's a look at a few sections of the market.  Don't look if you happen to be hungry....

Yummm!  Now we're even hungry - gotta go have a snack....

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    • 2/7/2007 7:31 AM Nancy wrote:
      I know exactly where you are staying and it is as fantastic as you say. Good thing you will be back before school is out because I would be over there, begging to move in. What a great apartment! Party on Pea Pods, Party On!!!
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    • 2/11/2007 7:09 AM Mary Hershey wrote:
      Dear Girls!

      Your digs are gorgeous! Thanks so much for the beautiful photos! What an adventure! I will love picturing you there.

      I L-O-V-E-D the Youtube video with the interviews of the Americans. I'm not related to any of those people! Gawd. "Queen Elizabeth money"??

      Mary Hershey
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