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The Beautiful Cruise Ships of Sydney Harbour

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This entry was posted on 2/4/2007 4:40 PM and is filed under Australia.

We just learned that the QE2 and the QM2 are both coming in to the Sydney docks in 15 days.  There's a special web site that counts down the days to the great event:   or click:

The QM2 - the longest, tallest and widest ship in the world, sails into the harbour docking just near us at 6:30 am.  The QE2 - the fastest cruise liner in the world, comes in to dock right across from us at 7:15 pm, - and you can bet we'll be out there to greet her arrival.  Then at 8:30 pm the whole of Sydney Harbour will be filled with FIREWORKS to welcome both regal Queens, accompanied by the exciting sound of cannons firing from Fort Denison. This magical display will be seen from all around the Sydney Harbour Foreshore right through to the Sydney Heads.

The massive 151,400-ton Queen Mary 2 will smash the record as the biggest ship of any type ever to visit Australia when she arrives in Sydney at 6.30am on Tuesday February 20, 2007. She will be led by fireboats shooting fountains of seawater high into the air from their water cannons, and escorted by an entourage of smaller ships, yachts and boats of all types. Larger than 132 Manly ferries and too big to dock at Circular Quay, the A$1 billion Queen Mary 2 will tie dock at Woolloomooloo.

The last time the Queens past each other at Sydney Harbour was during World War II, when they had both been commissioned to be troop transports and painted grey. The two great Queens will greet each other for this historic first meeting with a “whistle salute” using their 2,000 pound, 7-foot long signaling horns that can be heard over 10 miles away.

The QE2 is on a 108-day global voyage - her 25th journey around the world.  But this is the first time the QM2 is going around the world, so it's her maiden global voyage, a 81-day journey.

Last night we walked over to bid adieu to the beautiful Sapphire Princess Cruise Liner that was here for the day.   They are on their way to a 12 day cruise of Australia and New Zealand.  We had such fun waving to everyone as they took off - pretending that we knew each person and yelling "Bon Voyage"  "Don't eat too much", and other important bits of advice.

Here's the view we took from our balcony...

and as we walked around to see it front on....

and a few days before we saw the Holland America Statendam at OUR dock...

Also in the picture above - do you see the rainbow flags?  These are now filling the city, as it is Mardi Gras all month, which is mostly a gay pride event, but has also grown to be events for everyone, culminating in a giant parade on March 3rd.   Did someone say..... "Parade"....?!?!?!   More on Mardi Gras in separate blogs.   And more boats later...


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