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This entry was posted on 2/25/2007 7:58 PM and is filed under Australia.

We didn't go hungry here in Sydney.  Lots of caf├ęs by the harbor and other delicious ethnic choices.  We did have a kitchen in our little apartment in the Circular Quay, so many of our favorite meals were homemade.

Here's a menu from a Chinese restaurant.  We didn't have the stomach to experiment with these dishes.  Would you?

This was one of our favorite restaurants.  Sushi Train...

We loved the sushi conveyor belt.  Hadn't seen this since Hong Kong.  You just choose your favorite dishes from the belt and then stack up your empty plates.  When you're ready to leave, they just count up your plates and charge you $3 (Aus.) for each one.  A great bargain.

Watch a little movie of the Sushi Conveyor Belt.  Please note that the movie has been sped up 2x its normal speed.  Eat fast!

Sushi Train Movie

Tuna Nicoise Salad.  Homemade by the Podz.

Goat yogurt with fruit.  Another homemade delight...

Isn't this a very cute chocolate snail?

Yes, we confess...We're addicted to decaf cappucinos.  They're always sprinkled with chocolate on top and so delicious.  We made a point to sample one a day from a different cafe each time, looking for the perfect one.  We may have found it...a few times.

Here's our favorite from Giancarlo Coffee...Coffee is my life...

And also good...from Vittoria Coffee...

OK, we know candy isn't really "food".  But it was interesting to watch these candy makers at work.  They were clearly skilled and enjoyed having a crowd watching them. 

Watch the following movie of them chopping up the candy rolls...

Candy Making Movie


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