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More Miscellaneous Cool Things in New Zealand....Part Two....

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This entry was posted on 1/27/2007 6:04 PM and is filed under New Zealand.

Here are some more cool things we saw in New Zealand...

We drove through a town on the North Island called Tiaru which is known for its aluminum sliding (pronounced ah-lou-min-ium)...

Look at these huge sculpture buildings they've created...

Ever heard of a Nissan Bluebird? 

Well that's the car we bonded with for a month on the South Island of New Zealand.  Yes it had 126,845 miles, but it started every time and that's more than we can say for the Subaru wagon (pronounced Su-bar-oooooo) which we had for the North Island.  All of these rental cars are very well broken in and as long as they're returned with their 4 wheels intact, the rental agencies are pretty mellow about them.

Notice how the steering wheel is on the other side.  Often times we still see a car in front of us and think that there is no driver!

There's nothing quite like Maori Television.  They go back and forth between talking English and Maori.  Be sure to check out the Maori guy with the facial tattoo.

Watch this little Maori movie...

Maori Television Show...

The motto of the New Zealand people is "No Worries" and you'll hear this phrase said to you dozens of times a day.  "No Worries", "No Hurries", "No Dramas".  These people know how to live with minimal stress.

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