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On the Busker's Trail in Sydney...

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This entry was posted on 2/3/2007 9:55 PM and is filed under Australia.

During the celebration of Australia Day there was also a "busker's trail", where the street performers set up and did their acts for donations from the crowds. Many of them were quite talented.

"Busking" and "Buskers" were new words to us - but we did find them later in the Merriam Webster dictionary:

Etymology:    busk, probably from Italian buscare to procure, gain, from Spanish buscar to look for.
Chiefly British : a person who entertains in a public place for donations.

We see buskers throughout the city almost every day, but they were really out in force on Australia Day.  Here are some of the better examples:

Here's an aboriginal playing the didgeridoo...

Play the movie to hear what the didgeridoo sounds like.  For those of you unfamiliar with this very Australian instrument, it is unusual in that it is played with "circular breathing"- a very difficult technique whereby you breath in through your nose and play out through your mouth at the same time.  Bowie can do it, but don't ask us!

Didgeridoo Movie

Here's a group of four Aboriginal sisters who have a group called Freshwater.  We really enjoyed them and the flavor of their music.  We sat on the steps by the harbour listening to them for quite some time, with the tall ship in the background and the view of the Opera House beyond. 

The musical group Freshwater, singing in front of the harbour

And one of the wide street malls (Market St) held this old fashioned street organ playing tune after tune to the delight of all.  It reminded us of Papa OJ's music box collection, with the mechanization of the ladies playing the cymbals and the automated drums.  The movie we have shows it from the front and the back, so you can enjoy the mechanics of it too.  The sound quality was wonderful....

Pipe Organ on Market Street during Australia Day

There are always lots of magicians and jugglers busking - check out this guy on the ladder...

Juggling on top of a ladder at the Circular Quay

We particularly thought of Joss and Bowie when we met up with this band in the Pitt Street Mall - they were really great, and had a large and enthralled gathering for quite some time...

Pitt Street Jam Session Great Music Movie

Further down along Pitt Street we encountered this tuba player.  Though he looked a wee bit scruffy, he sure had a nice tone.  And hey - it ain't easy playing solo tuba out on the streets!  Be sure to listen to the movie too..

Busking with your Tuba on the Pitt Street Mall Movie

And then you MUST watch the movie of this young man and the soccer ball - he was really amazing!  One of our favorite buskers...

The Amazing Young Man with the Soccer Ball Movie

This guy's busking act was getting people to hold ropes that balanced a pole he had a bike on top and then was balancing and juggling on top of the bike...Very tricky...

And then to cap it all off - here's one more movie that really gives you a sense of Australia Day.  This busker played all the musical instruments as sound effects, through his mouth and nose all at once.  He went from the Australian Anthem (you'll notice a lot of happy young Aussies joining in on this one) straight into a bit of hip-hop break dance music.  The drum beat we think happened in his nose, although we're not sure of this.  A weird talent, but certainly worth a few coins in the hat...

Weird Sound Effects Busking Act movie

We'll be posting more buskers as we capture their unique talents on film.


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