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A Portfolio of Magnificent Buildings here in Sydney...

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First - notice how ALIVE this street mall feels.  Our sense is that it is like NYC, but clean and with about half the people; plus warm without being hot, and situated on a gorgeous waterfront filled with tall ships and sailboats and ferries, not industrial freighters.  It feels like a city where urban planning has really succeeded.  Areas where people congregate and interact -  where life goes on integrated with work.  We talked with someone who lived in London, and she  too said - Hey Sydney is like London, only better -cleaner and friendlier.

One of the things that we love to notice is the way old classic buildings are side-by-side with modern skyscapers.  We see this all throughout the CBD (this is an Aussie and NZ term for downtown, literally Central Business District).  Here are some examples of some
of the gorgeous buildings that we had to stop and admire...

This is the Town Hall (side view)...

and front view...

When we were in NZ, we were struck by the sense of how most cities turn into ghost towns at night and on the weekends.  It was kind of eerie.  Here even on Sunday the town is still happening.

A few blocks from our hotel on Hyde Park is Pitt Street, and a large section of it has been opened up into a wide shopping mall.  The unusual thing here though is how most of the stores, which are very modern at street level, are actually in old classic buildings.  Here's some of Pitt Street...

Many of these buildings opened up inside to be malls within the mall.  Here's one we did some shopping and had lunch in...

Another great area of town, down by the Circular Quay - the harbor where the Opera House is - is known as The Rocks.  This is a VERY happening place - filled with great restaurants in cleaned up old buildings right on the water and neat shops in historic buildlings...

It might seem like we've put in every picture of every building we've seen here - far from it!  This is a SMALL sampling of great architectural compositions we've digitally nabbed.  Love it!

More to come...

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    • 2/4/2007 6:35 PM Kimbo wrote:
      the architecture is lovely....I also noticed how clean the streets are...beautiful! Kimbo
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    • 3/16/2007 2:20 PM Skip wrote:
      Hi Pods ..Have been wondering about you --so I did some catching up with your blog site ... loved your academy awards event. --- Our biggest news lately is Carlos' Green Card. --He's a happy dude. -- Also received a note from Sandra Church who is also visiting Stephanie and then I believe headed for Australia. -- So have you thought of coming home?? Much love..MoonBear
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