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Even more about Nelson...part 3

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This entry was posted on 1/19/2007 4:51 AM and is filed under New Zealand.

We drove out of town to the end of the Nelson road which was the gateway to Abel Tasman National Park.  From here you could take a water taxi or a kayak.  The tide was out and the day was gorgeous.  Horses were on the beach too.

We watched a very fast rising tide come in to what had looked like barren sand dotted with little warm pools.  These pools were filled with living shell creatures, starfish, sand dollars and other living species.

We took a little dip in the Tasman Sea but the tide was rushing in so we headed back.

Farmer's Market in Nelson
on Saturday morning is definitely (deeef-in-it-lee) the happening place.  It was filled with craftspeople, artisans, food vendors, and amazing sights.  We loved it.

Murray's been making airplanes and motorcycles out of recycled cans for the last 12 years.  It takes 10 soda cans to make one of his airplanes.  His wife Gladys helps him with his math when doing sales.  They were a great team and we bought a few planes as mementos.

We didn't eat this but thought a photo was needed to show you what a stack of meat pies looks like.


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