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More Stories from Christchurch - Part Two

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This entry was posted on 1/10/2007 3:54 PM and is filed under New Zealand.

Christchurch is also the home of the "Buskers".  These are the street performers who do their acts in the hopes of winning over your hearts and your donations.  January 18-25 is the Busker Festival and we'll be coming back to Christchurch for that experience.

Be sure to check out this movie of this amazingly clever little dog named Holly...

Holly the Buskers Dog

The weather was crazy, just like home.  Cold and drizzly one day and hot and beautiful the next.  On the gorgeous day we decided to go "punting".  It resembles a gondola in Venice, only the stream is much more shallow and you're using a big pole that serves as rudder and push off device.  We were walking along admiring the Art Center's architecture, when lo-and-behold, up drives Lynn, one of the delightful new friends we made at Stephanie's party.  We whisked here off to go punting with us, and spent a lovely afternoon together.  Here we are at the boat dock ready to head off, and loved this old-fashioned image of the coats and hats of the punters...

So naturally we had to don the attire ourselves as he headed out with Jason...

Here's our friend Lynn...

Epod proved herself to be quite the punter...  (see the movie too)

EPod proves to be quite the punter too

Here's a lovely photo of punters as seen from above - so peaceful...

Of course there was some good golf too.  Clearwater Resort and Russley were the two courses we played.

Part of our trip to Christchurch was an afternoon walk through the Botanical Gardens.  Remember that this is their summer season, so the flower gardens were gorgeous.
  Here are a few images to share with you ...

Yes, we grow dahlias at home too - but this one was just too magnificent to pass up...


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