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Moeraki Boulders

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This entry was posted on 1/7/2007 1:42 AM and is filed under New Zealand.

Moeraki Boulders

On the way from Dunedin to Christchurch we made one of our favorite and most memorable stops to see the Moeraki Boulders. 

According to Maori tradition, the boulders are gourds and calabashes, which is traditional maori food, from the great voyaging canoe Araiteuru when it was wrecked on the New Zealand shore some 1000 years ago.

These magnificent boulders were formed some 65 million years ago.  Crystallization of calcium and carbonates around charged particles in muddy undersea sediments gradually formed the boulders in a process taking as long as 4 million years.

The soft mudstone containing the boulders was raised from the sea bed around 15 million years ago and sea erosion is exposing the erosion-resistant boulders.

They feel as round and smooth as they look, and they are only found on this one little isolated piece of coastline.

We'll let the pictures and movie tell you the story...

Get a feeling of being on the beach with us looking at the Moeraki Boulders


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    • 1/8/2007 7:22 AM Mpod2 wrote:
      Wow. Those boulders are so amazing. That really looks like Hendries Beach.I love your peaceful and meditative videos so much. I am so glad that you two really know how to experience a place; none of the obsessive travel habits of flying in and seeing 4 towns in 2 days like I have heard other people describe. And I love the factories! Last night I had a dream - a really long and nice dream - that Jeff and I had stopped by for a quick visit while driving up the coast. You had lots of people there, preparing for the parade or some such, and were going to have a music jam. James Taylor and Carly Simon were there and we were talking about raising kids. Cool dream. Woke up next to my sweetie and cuddled for a while before starting the new week. when do you fly back?
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    • 1/13/2007 2:30 PM sheloolie wrote:
      Hey Poddies--We got your package yesterday--too cool, thank you very much. We are thinking about next winter in NZ....Love these boulders, they're wonderful, a piece of natural whimsy. Remind me of some strange rocks that form as precipitates in Navajo sandstone in SE Utah. Different shapes, but same idea. I love geology. When are you coming home? It's getting close to m-pod birthday time. Where are you now? Oz? Big hugs to you both.
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