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"Minus 5 Degrees" in Queenstown

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This entry was posted on 12/28/2006 5:43 AM and is filed under New Zealand.

In Queenstown the Pods found a very unique bar.  It would have to be unique to get the Pods to even go into a bar.  So this was the Peapod's first official visit to a bar together.

It was called Minus 5 Degrees.  First you go into an anteroom and pay $25 NZ (about $15 US).  This entitles you to a visit to the bar and either 2 nonalcoholic drinks, or one Absolut vodka mixed drink.   Then you put on a heavy hooded jacket, gloves and optional boots and head into the freezer.  Yes...the freezer!!!

Everything in this bar is made of ice.  The couches, bar and even the glasses themselves.  It's also filled with ice sculptures.  The back wall was filled with ice niches which held all the Absolut vodka bottles.   They said the major ice pieces like the bar and couches are redone about twice a year.  The ice sculptures are redone every 2 weeks.  

We obviously didn't stay too long in there.  It was minus 5 degrees after all.  Just long enough to have our nonalcoholic smoothie drink, take some photos and then go outside and defrost.  The bartenders each do a 30 minute shift, but our bartender was just wearing jandels (we call them zorries)!

It was a fun and memorable experience. 

Side Wall of the Bar...

Ice Couch with Skin Covering...

Glasses made of ice!...

Back Bar Wall with Absolut Bottles...


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    • 1/4/2007 7:09 AM Marjorie wrote:
      Cool! Two pods walk into a bar...
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    • 1/4/2007 6:56 PM Nancy wrote:
      I finally just looked at your trip (thanks for the prompt) and oh my god.....what wonderful pictures of such a fantastic vacation!!!! You certainly have been doing it quite elegantly. Every place you have chosen to stay was so pretty and the food, I wanted to lick the screen. In fact I am now hungry and am going to go eat something!!!
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