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Miscellaneous Cool Things in New Zealand

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This entry was posted on 1/26/2007 3:42 AM and is filed under New Zealand.

Green Lipped Mussells and Live Pipis

In another local supermarket we saw this...

Kippered Whitebait Fritters anyone?

McCafé and the Private Airplane Story

Here in New Zealand there are many McDonalds, but next to a lot of them are McCafés which are very slick versions of McDonalds.  They sell lattés, cappucinos and lots of sweet things.  Will they be coming soon to the U.S. and giving Starbucks a run?

We also came across this unique dining experience as we were driving by the McDonalds in Lake Taupo and couldn't resist stopping and taking a photograph.  Here it is...

We stopped, went inside and checked out the interior.  What a mess it was!

Now for a beautiful architectural discovery.  Craggy Range Winery near Cape Kidnappers in Napier.  Famous for their delicious wines, fabulous restaurant (which was unfortunately closed due to a wedding while we were there) and sophisticated winery production facility.

Submarine Balls in the Fields

We were driving past Napier and out of the corner of our eye we spotted these huge metal spheres in a field next to hay or grain bales.  We had to do a fast U turn and come back and investigate.  Here's what we saw...

Up close they looked like this...

And further discovery showed us this...

What's a Cattery?

Answer:  A Cattery is a place that takes in your cat (and/or dog) while you go on vacation.  They do not have "doggerys".

Belted Calloways

Ever wondered what a Belted Calloway is?  Well, if you guessed it's a kind of cow, you're right.  These were the prettiest cows we've ever seen.  Check them out for yourselves...

Tip Top Ice Cream Shops

Who could resist taking a picture of these Kiwi Lads with these GIGANTIC ice creams.  Even the smallest of towns has a Tip Top Ice Cream Shop...

Oh Oh, it dropped...darn!


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    • 1/25/2007 11:57 PM DARCEY wrote:
      Love those green lipped muscles - next time you are in Napa just as you get onto Hgwy 29 there is a small herd of belted calloways - i never knew that's what they were called. Learn something new everyday you're on the pod site!!! D
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    • 1/30/2007 10:56 AM Mooooojorie wrote:
      I'll be taking my Calloway to the Cattery! Loved the toilet expose - CA needs these if not everyone, for Pete's sake!
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