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Lake Taupo - We loved it!

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This entry was posted on 12/16/2006 4:18 AM and is filed under New Zealand.

We absolutely loved being at Lake Taupo.  Look around and see why....

Here's an animation ( a 17 picture stitch, then animated for you)...

A Panoramic View of Lake Taupo

A lot of what our experience in Taupo was about can be attributed to the power of great architecture.  Here's what happened:  we had reservations at a place called Lake Taupo Lodge.  When we got there, we were greeted by a couple who we didn't have the best vibes about.  They had some nice rooms in a wing of their house with a good view down to the lake - but then it turned out that the internet wouldn't work there, and we had specificially requested that  (duh!!!).  He gave us the option then of a crummy room in the back of the house, and when we told him that just wouldn't work for us and sorry but we would be leaving, he got very huffy and wanted to charge us for the whole night (even though we were the only people staying there the whole night).  It wasn't pretty.  We actually had to leave while he was still arguing with us - mid-sentence. 

So this was our first attempt at a night's-approaching-lodging-scramble.  And after checking in with three other places... we found it!  Heaven at Taupo.  It turned out to be a Clarion Suite hotel - but a brand new concept for them, or anyplace else like it we'd ever seen.  It was brand new and had opened just 3 months before.  It was called "Sacred Waters" - and here is the web site:

Every unit is actually an apartment for sale, and indeed many of them had sold already.  They were ultra-modern, and felt very European.  We were in a two bedroom, two bath that was in the second building back from the lake - we could have lived in it quite happily for years.  Quiet colors, spacious, and extemely reasonably priced for what it was.  And here's our lake view:

and from within the apartment...

our building, as seen from the other building closer to the lake...

Now here's one of the most amazing parts of the story.  They use the hot (HOT!!!) water from the thermal springs throughout the area to heat the apartments in the winter using it as radiant heat under the floors.  And each unit had one of these giant stainless steel bath tubs outside in a private nook of the deck - that draws its hot water from the thermal springs.  The tubs are about 7- 8 feet square, and unlike a hot tub, you drain them after each use, so it's clean every time.  And the water doesn't even have any sulfur smell or anything. 

Here was our view when we used it the first time...

And one more thing about the Sacred Waters - they have a lap pool that also uses the hot thermal water - divine!  Here you can see it from our deck...

Oh, and by the way, it was worth our finding Internet access that night - great night of trading!  We call this trip "Pay As You Go".  And it's working  (-:

Everyone says "Oh you'll love the south island even more" - but if we don't find someplace else that speaks to us like this place did, we could see coming back here for a month before heading up to Australia.

Also - there is a magnificent golf course there called Wairekei  (  that we played and loved...

There's a really long walk at the lakefront, and it's amazing to see kids sitting in hot pools that felt too hot for us to even put our hands into.  And the black swans love hanging out just outside these areas, just between the warm and cool waters.  Here's a little movie of the lakeside...

How Hot is the Lake???


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    • 12/16/2006 5:19 AM Moe wrote:
      Both your email are not workiing. They are bouncing back wiht the following errors - failure notice when trying to email ;
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    • 12/16/2006 1:04 PM Ghislaine wrote:
      The sunsets gave me the shivers for their beauty. I could live there too. Last night Bowie called me. I asked him how he was and he said in a beautiful positive tone :"fantastic'. that gave me the shivers also. What a success story !!!. He sounded so good that I wanted to hug him through the phone. The next time you visit the boys, I would like to fly with you. OK ?? Continue to have a wonderful time. I love you, your MOM.
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