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The Auckland Museum

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This entry was posted on 12/8/2006 2:22 AM and is filed under New Zealand.

About a half hour walk from our hotel was a very large park, and the Auckland Museum sat atop the hill in the middle of it, surveying all the town.  (Of course, the walk took us through the very chic neighborhood of Parnell, with great window shopping, art galleries and interesting ethnic restaurants, all mixed together -  a nice walk!)

Our exploration of the Museum was focused on their Maori collection.  What surprised us was the detail of the pieces we saw... delicate carvings, all done with  simple bone and rock tools.  We were grateful that photography was allowed inside the Museum...

Check out the intricacy of this headband - all little bitty shells strung together...

An entire ancestral home complete with carvings was inside the Museum.  You removed your shoes before you went inside...

These fishing hooks were made shells and bone.  And the rope or twain was made out of human hair...

You see little replicas of these jade carvings sold everywhere as necklaces.  The ones in the Museum showed a map of New Zealand and where each district of Maori people had their own unique variety of these figures associated with it.  Here are a couple of the better ones...

Here's a drawing showing people around a Pataka (see description below).

Then here's a full scale one they were able to bring into the
museum as is ...

This carving....

looks just like these Maori guys, right?

We look forward to exploring more of this culture as we travel the country, but this was a nice introduction for us.


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