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Day 4 - Welcome to Buddha Land

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This entry was posted on 11/29/2006 3:32 AM and is filed under Hong Kong.

In the western hills of Lantau Island is Po Lin, a large Buddhist monastery and temple complex. High on a hill sits the largest bronze seated Buddha in the world called the Tian Tan Buddha.  It is about 80 feet tall and majestic beyond belief.  You climb up 260 steps to get to the base of it.  There is a large bell inside the statue, controlled by a computer that rings 108 times a day to symbolize escape from what the Buddhists term the '108 troubles of mankind."  It took 12 years to construct this Buddha.  It is made of bronze and the individual pieces were trucked up a very narrow road where it was assembled on the site.

To get there we took our first subway/train ride.  We were amazed by the cleanliness of the cars and the stations.  You couldn't find a piece of trash on the floor if you looked and looked.  This is true, by the way, throughout all of Hong Kong - 7 million people and the streets are almost spotless.  And no graffiti anywhere we've seen either.

At the end of the train line we took a 25 minute gondola ride across the first green terrain we've seen here in Hong Kong, and over water, until we came into view of this majestic Buddha seated high up on a hill.  It was dramatic and breath taking.  And since this gondola had only been open a few weeks, you can believe that we were holding our breath throughout the ride.

Getting to the Buddha, we had to walk through "Enlightenment Land" - a place of souvenir "enlightenment" objects and other curious things, like a theater showing a film of the Buddha's life complete with light show, animated figures, smoke and mist effects and psychedelic strobe lights.  Highlights included Haagen Das Green Tea ice cream, Starbucks by the Buddha, the 260 steps up to view the Buddha, and of course, the Buddha himself.  And there were six huge statues surrounding the Buddha making offerings that were also breathtakingly beautiful too.

Here are some photos of how the day unfolded.

Train from Tsim Sha Tsui to Tsuen Wan...

And inside one of the ultra-clean, modern, smooth-riding subways (at a moment when it emerged above ground)...

Take the Gondola over to Lantau Island...

Souvenirs of enlightenment - gotta love it!

Don't forget to grab your Starbucks as you approach His Magnificence...

And finally....The Buddha with the beautiful attendant statues making their offerings...

and, this...


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    • 12/1/2006 6:47 PM Ghislaine wrote:
      I loved your desccription of the excursion.
      Have a great continuation of your trip.
      I love you alot. your MOM.
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    • 12/6/2006 11:54 PM the D wrote:
      This is amazing, unbelievable!
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    • 12/7/2006 12:37 PM Kimbo wrote:
      The bronze Buddha is breathtakingly beautiful Podz...thank you for all of your amazing photos.

      I placed the last photo you posted of the Buddha on my is on all 3 screens of my Tiger...what a site to see!!
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    • 3/26/2007 11:05 AM Jodi wrote:
      WOW!! I just starting surfing your previous posts, and this was the first one that caught my eye! WOW!!!! must have been overwhelming (even without the starbuck's coffee) hugs, Jodi
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