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Sunday in Hong Kong

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This entry was posted on 11/27/2006 4:04 AM and is filed under Hong Kong.

A long walk down Nathan Lane led us to the Flower Market

Right next door was Yuen Po Bird Garden.  We saw so many different kinds of birds.  Here in Hong Kong these birds represent good luck and are prized for their singing ability. 

They sell live crickets which they feed to the birds.  They are packaged in plastic bags with bamboo leaves inside.  They come in all sizes...

Here's a look at some of what we saw...

On our walk back we sampled some great street food.  Highlights of today's eating experience were the turnip cakes from a vegetarian Asian restaurant, hot roasted chestnuts from a street vendor and Singapore rice noodles with shrimp.

We saw huge scaffolding on buildings made only out of bamboo.  It went up stories and stories and it is hard to believe that it could be strong enough to support the worker's weight. 

We also wandered through the Women's Market which was selling EVERYTHING!  It was crowded and full of Sunday shoppers looking for a bargain.  We made it out of that maze with some oranges, cherimoya type fruit and bananas.

Right next to the Public Library was a road filled with vendors
, mainly older women and men, and their assorted carts, all selling sexual devices of every shape, color and size, along with both boy and girly magazines.  No photos here, just use your imagination.

This was a beautiful image we saw hanging on the street on the side of a tenement building.


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