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This entry was posted on 11/27/2006 5:26 PM and is filed under Hong Kong.

A skyscraper "under wraps".

2 Pods in Hong Kong...

This whole store sold nothing but Chopsticks - wow!

And this whole store sold nothing but incense...

Hong Kong Money; notice how the bills have bank names on them - there are three banks that have been authorized by the government to print money, and apparently they each get to have there own designs on them.  Imagine in the USA having Bank of America bills or Wells Fargo bills.  Interesting!


A beautiful piece of art hanging on the side of a tenement building... or maybe there's a Buddhist temple there...

What, no slippers?

Gaps can be dangerous....

Personalized "chops"... (like rubber stamps)

Want the recipe for this???

We found this intriguing - a very modern building being constructed... with bamboo scaffolding!


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