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Day 1 of the Podz Big Adventure

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This entry was posted on 11/25/2006 4:47 AM and is filed under Hong Kong.

A 15 hour flight from LAX to Hong Kong may seem daunting but the reality of it was quite the opposite.  We slept for 10 hours, watched a movie, slept again and it was time to land.  Very easy.  Welcome to Hong Kong Podz.

Today we explored Kowloon Park and saw some amazing birds in their aviary.  Our favorites were the Hornbills and the red tailed Cockatoos.  Then we bought a new camera from Chung to record our journey.

We ate amazing sushi at a restaurant where the dishes come around on a conveyor belt and you just pick what you want.  We had a feast for $20 US.

After that, we wandered along Nathan Road and checked out stores, interesting food carts and fun window signs.  The streets were packed with people who all contribute to Hong Kong's robust economy.

Lots and lots of varieties of dried fruits.          

These crabs were still alive and available for purchase by their weight.

When they say "Take Away Welcome"... couldn't they have Taken Away the head of the duck while they were at it?!?

We stood outside a store and watched them making Dim Sum and noodles.  Here's a little movie we took on how to make lots of noodles really fast... Click here to watch: Hong Kong Noodles

It's been a great day.  We're 16 hours ahead of you.  Tomorrow is Sunday and we've got more adventures planned.  Check in for updates...

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